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Program & Project Management Services

Program & Project Management (PM) is both science and art. Within the science component, there are various methodologies that can be applied to the
task at hand. No matter how applicable each of these methods may be individually, or at times even in collective sum, you'll still require the art component
to be effective in managing a task, project or program. These qualities are comprised of the various skills that are learned through experience. Experience
that Awarity brings to the process-

  • Effective communication
  • A head for details
  • Strong commitment
  • Ability to cope with ambiguity, setbacks, and disappointment
  • Awareness of goals
  • Political savvy
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Business sense
  • Results oriented
Project Support Office (PSO)

We can assist you with your PSO functions designed to support the overall
portfolio of projects carried out in the organization.

  • Administrative support in maintaining schedules & budgets
  • Consulting and mentoring within organizational units as needed
  • Support methods and standards in PM methodology & process
  • Training assistance with curriculum and career development
  • Identification of Vendors
PM Competence is central to knitting the framework together, much to
the benefit of each related entity. The organizational entity is the
enabler, permitting the individuals and teams to do their best...
Individual Competence
-Knowledge & Techniques
-Soft Skills
-Business Competencies
Team Competence
-Proper mix of education  & skills
-Capacity to reach consensus
-Structure appropriate to the task
-Discipline (communications plan,
 regular meetings, well defined
Organizational Competence
-Defined & formulated procedures
-Access to information
-Sufficient quantities of qualified resources
-Access to targeted training and education
-Defined visions of where the organization is headed
-Culture of openness
-Institutionalization of Project Management
* source: J. Davidson Frame
The Awarity Process Blueprinting Approach