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Secure Business Transformation Services
If you are a student of recent politics in America, you've heard quite a bit about the desire for "change".  Certainly an admirable goal if the status quo is
less than desirable; however,
change requires more than mere desire. Awarity approaches the need for change within the context of progress. The
differentiator lies in
achieving the vision.  Collaboratively working to capture the "as-is" business environment and teaming with organizational
stake-holders to pragmatically define the "to-be" environment is part of the solution. So are planning and execution of a road map developed to
successfully navigate the gulf that separates the two. Business agility is a competency of ours that we willingly share to your advantage. We can partner
within your organization, leading and/or supporting as applicable, to achieve goal accomplishment in a manner that drives progress, yet safeguards
existing competencies.
How we can assist -

Ground Breaking
  • Facilitate group discussions and
  decision support meetings.
  • Develop Business interaction
  models to visualize
  organizational interaction
  • Contribute thought leadership to
  the development of
  methodologies and intellectual

  • Assess, document, and map
    current business processes
  • Design and document
    new/improved business
    processes relating to varied
    business operations
  • Develop functional area
    performance measures
  • Work with senior managers to
    adopt new business processes
    and develop change
    management strategies
  • Build intra-organizational
    relationships with functional area

  • Provide leadership to project
    team for business process re-
    engineering related projects
  • Encourage and facilitate team
    cooperation and promote
    collaboration between team
    members and across
    organization to achieve project
    goals and deliverables
  • Participate in outsourcing
    activities inclusive of proposal
  • Work collaboratively to assess
    needs, provide assistance,
    resolve problems, and manage
    and meet expectations
Typically, you won't find a turnkey solution. Transformation is
more likely a work in progress. That said, an end-state must be

Up tempo activity is fine, yet not at the sacrifice of well thought
out business decisions. Harness the agility of a small company
mentality to enable the delivery capacity of a large one.

Minimize investment by moving cyclically to review next stage
investment returns
before you make the investment.

Ensure focus by creating visibility and awareness of stated goals
and objectives. Instill a sense of the future and promote buy-in.
Understand the
why behind every process you streamline, or silo
you remove, and the
how of what will result in real benefits for
your organization.

Start at the top to build consensus within executive management.
Transformation can require commitment from each division,
discipline, and employee.

Look before you leap to understand fully where you are starting
from. What do you do well today? What limitations are present?
What are your vulnerabilities - core market change, increased
competition, etc. Know where you are, to set the foundation for
the rest of your transformation.

Don't assume that business processes in one division are similar
in other divisions, even those that may be contextually similar or
may overlap in functionality. Evaluate the structure of your
organization process-by-process and division-by-division.

Make transformation pay for itself. Limit scope initially, choosing
one or two areas where transformation will have the most impact.
Use the value returned from that change to fund the next round
of change. Activities that pay for themselves are more acceptable
at every level of the organization.

Repeat the pattern subscribing to the same methodology, again
and again until the transformation is complete.
So, what does business transformation look like?
Valuation. Resources need to be
allocated to the activities that
deliver maximum return.  

Agility. Managers are constantly
thinking about what consumers will
want tomorrow. Organizational
culture, business processes and IT
systems need to be in synergistic
alignment to generate timely
results, and
not more process.

Volatility. Managing chaos has
never been done well. Agile
processes that promote variable
cost structures, and facilitate
dynamic financial and legal
systems, are key in keeping
external upheaval from becoming
internal crisis.
Why transform your organization?
Visibility promotes adoption...
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